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Dominic Pajak

For 15 years I've been scaling emerging technologies. First at Arm, then Arduino, I'm now VP Developers at READY Robotics, where I consult with major enterprises on digital transformation and apply AI, IoT, and XR to robotics applications.


Dominic Pajak started as an engineer in Arm's CPU group in Cambridge, UK. He went on to launch processors that now ship in billions of electronic devices every year. Dominic has consulted with major OEMs in the automotive, consumer and industrial segments but is a big believer in making embedded technology accessible to everyone. At Arduino he led a collaboration with Google to launch the first developer-friendly Tiny Machine Learning library. The success of this led to a partnership with Harvard University to include Arduino in their TinyML course. He recently became VP Developers at Ready Robotics where he is working on making automation accessible to developers everywhere. Dominic holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Leeds, UK.

Billion unit scale

I launched Arm's entry-level Cortex-M processors, and later became Arm's director of IoT segments in Silicon Valley. Vast scale takes an ecosystem with a shared vision and talent at every level. It was a magical time to be at Arm.

Beautiful simplicity

Having led Arm's partnership with Arduino, I'd seen the impact they had on innovation firsthand. I count myself lucky to have reported to Massimo Banzi for three years - making complex technology beautifully simple for the developer community.

Edge ML

At Arduino I ran a joint project with Google to launch the first easy-to-use TinyML library and created collateral including tutorials, code examples, even videos. It reached 100Ks developers and led to us partnering with Harvard University to create a TinyML course based on Arduino.